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Our Work

Kidrobot Dunny : 2012 series

Ninja Spiki looks badass on pretty much all platform figures and when we had the chance to prove it once again. Ninja Spiki is a part of the

Hutch snowboard boots

Collaboration with snow gear and apparel developer, Hutch, to create this eye popping design featuring a mash up of several Mai Hiro characters.

10-Doh! figure : The Legend of Spiki 2

Figure design for the So Analog - Mini 10-Doh! Console Toy Series 1.

Crystal Spiki sweater

Sweater design featuring the crystalized Ninja Spiki artwork for Wrong Gear winter collection.

GoodWood Spiki necklace

Spiki necklace develop by Good Wood NYC

GoodWood MH bracelet

Mai Hiro team bracelet develop by Good Wood NYC

Ninja Spiki skate deck

Laser etched skate deck featuring Ninja Spiki design

Help Japan

A project that Mai Hiro took part in to help raise funds for the relief efforts in Japan following the massive earthquake that occurred in March 2011.