Mai Hiro signature logo

Our Work

Charles Ng Racing branding

Proposed logo for professional racing driver Charles Ng.

Custom Gibson guitar

Hand painted Kramer Assault 220FR guitar donated by Gibson as part of the Art Assault event held during Art Basel in 2010.

Reign ape t-shirt

T-shirt design created forReign Streetwear Boutique.

Aka Oni Bic Buddy

Aka Oni design submitted for Bic Buddy Artist Series (sadly…never released).

Fury Animals iPhone case

iPhone case design as part of the Mai Hiro x Fuy Animals cross over project.

Generalissimo t-shirt

T-shirt design developed for Taiwanese clothing brand, Akufuncture.

Kusopop Model tee collection

Mini collection of t-shirt designs developed for Kusopop featuring model Linde Le (aka Vampy Bitme)

Kusopop artist keychains

Keychain designs for Kusopop’s second series of artist keychains. Featuring Spikiemon and Skitty.